Opera Krakowska, ''Evgenij Onegin''


A scenographical pool was realized using 250 m² of silver TST - Silviastar mirror floor.The pool is destined to contain the water that will drip from the top of the scene.
Vezi toate
The PVC support of the TST - Silviastar mirror floor was heat welded by the scenographic workshop that created the scenography.
The algid heart of the protagonist Onegin, that denies with haughtiness his love to Tatiana, suffers a progressive thaw during the carrying out of the story.
The idea of the stage direction was, therefore, that to create a situation in which the space and the characters seem to be trapped in the ice ...
... and to simulate, with the progress of the action, the progressive loosening of the vice of the cold.
Departing from this idea, the scenographer Luigi Scoglio created therefore an atmosphere of spectacular coldness covering the walls and the floor with mirroring materials.
Also the nature, represented by the forest of birch trees, suffers the same treatment.
The trunks are wound in the higher part by blocks of false ice, and the carrying out of the action is accompanied by a slow and persistent dripping of real water, that goes to flow into the big pool that occupies the whole stage.
Opera lirica in trei acte
Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij
Konstantin Šilovskij
Prima reprezentatie
Moscow, Malyj Teatr, 17/3/1879

Luigi Scoglio
Light design
Bogumił Palewicz
Directia tehnica
Wiesław Sawa
Costume design,
directia scenica

Opera Krakowska din Cracovia

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