Bambop+Nr!K Studio, ''Habitación en Paris''


On the left, the external and concave surface of the panels was covered with strips of silver TST - Silviastar ...
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... and on the right, the convex inside of the panels was covered instead with strips of silver TSG - Silviastar Goffrato.
The inside of the area decorated with TSG - Silviastar Goffrato (out of productie at the moment).

Auxiliary room for guests in Paris
In an area of passage an enclosure of reflexes differentiates from its context as happens in a box of chocolates.
During some days the guests will live its inside.
The distorsions of the concave reflexes of the outside announce that to the other side something is going to change.
Enrique Pujana Bambó - Bambop+Nr!K Studio

Materiale utilizate în această producție

TST - Silviastar

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