HSS - Shelter

Satin blackout

HSS - Shelter 99. negru
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HSS - Shelter 99. negru
Teatru de Națiuni, ''Pushkin's Fairy Tales'' Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față made of HSS - Shelter 05. dark grey realized with two tails made with confectionare fără falduri, size 8 x 8 m each.The sofa too ...
... is covered with capitonné work in HSS - Shelter 05. dark grey, which here appears lighter because it is hit by more powerful lighting.On the background, a Cortina cu deschidere tip fluture made of EVT - Light Sceno Poly 93. grey with falduri verticale 100%, size 15 x h 7,5 m.
HSS - Shelter 02 sky-albastru gri03 gri deschis04 gri 05 gri
HSS - Shelter 14. galben muștar15. portocaliu16. portocaliu închis17. nemuritoare 18. violet19. roz23. verde fistic
HSS - Shelter 16. portocaliu închis17. nemuritoare 18. violet23. verde fistic24. verde închis27. albastru deschis28. albastru avio29. albastru noapte
HSS - Shelter 08. bej 09. maro alun10. maro 11. maro închis13. galben auriu14. muștariu19. roz
HSS - Shelter is a dimout fabric with a soft consistency which, in black, produces a total barrier to light, a property that diminishes while moving to lighter colours, while maintaining relevance.
It has two faces of identical appearance woven with legătură satin, to which a third black textile layer is interposed which has the purpose of decreasing transparency.
Being a fabric that has above all the latter purpose, combined with decorative features, it has limited photo-absorbing properties.
It is mainly used for curtains, backdrops and draperies that must produce a blackout effect or, in any case, limit the passage of light, which have the task of decorating and, thanks to its good acoustic properties, improve the reverberation.
HSH - Shelter Plus is a heavier and more performing version of this fabric.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
UNI 9177 clasa 1
EN 13773 clasa 1
100% polyester
260 g/m²
300 cm
± 30 m
Metoda de ambalare
pliat în jumătate și rulat
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare
Culori personalizate
cantitatea minima pentru comanda ± 400 m

Grad de opacitate
Rating 5.0 negru
Rating 4.5 la culori inchise
Rating 4.0 la culori deschise
Grad de absorbtie a luminii
Rating 2.5
Absorbtia sunetului
Rating 3.0
Bariera fonica
Rating 2.0

Acoustic absorption
Rating 3.0
Type G-150
ISO 11654 rating
Weighted sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0.70 (H)
Sound absorption class: C

prin metru
în role întregi
în realizări la comandă

Graficul de culoare

HSS - Shelter 07. ecru08. bej 09. alun*10. maro* 11. maro închis*12. ars maroniu** comandă minimă ± 30 m
HSS - Shelter 13. galben auriu*14. muștariu*15. portocaliu*16. portocaliu închis*30. ruby31. roșu portocaliu*41. galben deschis** comandă minimă ± 30 m
HSS - Shelter 17. caramiziu*18. violet*19. roz*20. roz închis*26. gri - albastru deschis27. albastru bleu ciel*28. albastru*29. albastru închis* comandă minimă ± 30 m
HSS - Shelter 02. albastru-gri*03. gri deschis*04. gri 05. gri închis23. verde fistic*24. verde inchis25. verde*99. negru* comandă minimă ± 30 m

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Teatru de Națiuni, ''Pushkin's Fairy Tales''


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