VBG - Bire Tape

Bandă armată pe două fețe

VBG - Bire Tape
VBG - Bire Tape
VBG - Bire Tape is a very powerful double adhesive tape with an anti-tear reinforcement mesh.
It is used to attach sheets of plastic materials, vinyl films and fabrics to several supports such as wood, plastic and metals when these have a non-smooth and regular surface and therefore a strong adhesive power is required.
On the other hand, it is not easy to remove, but it is used all the same when the other double-sided tapes are not sufficient.
material adeziv armat cu plasă anti-rupere pe suport detașabil
24 mm
Lungimea rolei
50 m

Utilizabil cu
QSF - Miroflex
QSR - Miroplan
QST - Mirocryl
QSP - Mirofilm
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