8C50 - Clemă Ø 50 mm + piuliță M8


8C50 - Clemă Ø 50 mm piuliță M8 for tube Ø 50 mm- made of galvanized iron- nut M8
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8C50 - Clemă Ø 50 mm piuliță M8 For 1KB - Şină Kompas fixing in combination with the component 1KAS - Suspention bracket.
8C50 - Clemă Ø 50 mm piuliță M8 For 1T01 - Şină TRX with the appropriate components:- direct fixing to the rail with 1TXR - Channel nut- to the special brackets with M8 bolt and washer.1T36 - Clamp Ø 50 mm - Rail fixing1T36A - Clamp Ø 50 mm - Bracket fixing

Polyvalent Center of Brusaporto The structure of a small stage made with:- 7QX30 - Grinzi cu sectiune patrata 29 cm- Tevi pentru scenotehnic- metal bracketsThe 8C50 - Cleme Ø 50 mm ...
... were used to fix to the supporting structure the Top battens to which the valance, the wings and the backdrop of the Mascatura scena are hung.
Bétonsalon, ''Hier revient ...'' Double-sided curtain made up of natural and night blue COS - Oscurante molton.It was hung to a raw Ø 5 cm Tub aluminiu, curved with a constant 6.25 m radius and fixed to the ceiling with 8C50 - Cleme Ø 50 mm.
8C50 - Clemă Ø 50 mm piuliță M8 - pentru tubes Ø 50 mm
galvanized iron
Diametrul tubului
46 - 50 mm
87 x 60 x 20 mm
86 g
Max. load
50 kg - Coeficientul de siguranță 5 - (axial traction)

Acest material a fost folosit pentru...

Bétonsalon, ''Hier revient ...''

Expoziții, arta și arhitectura

Polyvalent Center of Brusaporto

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