Falduri convergente


Nunta Italiana Draped coverage manufactured with white EVT - Light Sceno Poly ...
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... with falduri convergente.
Disco ''La Rocca'' Ceiling with falduri convergente made of white LWE - Windel ...
... and ceiling backdrop with falduri convergente made of ARI - Reps Ignitex used in a functional setting of a place in the open air.
Discoteca Moliké - Giulianova (Italy) Draped coverage with falduri convergente ...
... realized with silver EVR - Reflex.
Golden Beach The inferior part of this big umbrella was made aesthetically more pleasant thanks to the application of a backdrop with falduri convergente ...
... manufactured with ATT - Sceno Teatro muslin, natural colour.
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- Fundaluri pentru scenografie
- Cortine acustice

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Disco ''La Rocca''

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Nunta Italiana


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