Falduri convergente


Nunta Italiana Draped Plafon made of white EVT - Light Sceno Poly fabric ...
Vezi toate
... with falduri convergente.
Disco ''La Rocca'' Plafon with falduri convergente made of ARI - Reps Ignitex used in a functional setting of a place in the open air ...
... and Plafon with falduri convergente made of white LWE - Windel.
Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, ''Todo es Gila' A large trapezoidal Plafon made of red COS - Oscurante molton with 100% falduri convergente.17.5 m wide, it will be raised to hide the proscenium of the musical Grease from view without taking it apart and make it possible to shoot a television show.
Golden Beach The inferior part of this big umbrella was made aesthetically more pleasant thanks to the application of a Plafon with falduri convergente ...
... manufactured with ATT - Sceno Teatro muslin, natural colour.
Disco ''Moliké'' Draped Plafon with falduri convergente ...
The falduri convergente is a method for draping fabric artefacts having a circular, a circular sector or polygonal shape by converging the folds towards the center or towards a vertex.
Draped Plafoane of circular or polygonal shape are used to improve the aesthetics and acoustics of marquees, tensile structures, gazebos.
Also the ceilings made up with falduri convergente of triangular, circular sector or trapezoidal shape are used for various decorative or functional purposes.

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Disco ''La Rocca''

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Disco ''Moliké''

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Golden Beach

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Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, ''Todo es Gila''


Nunta Italiana


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