Confectionare sub forma de tub


Stand A curtain formed by tubular manufactured with fabrics in red tonality of different weights and transparencies ...
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... with confectionare sub forma de tub.
Stand al unui grup bancar Two of the big suspended backdrops with confectionare sub forma de tub, illuminated by the inside with small points light disposed in cluster were realized with white ASL1000S - Light Sceno 1.000 cm sheer muslin of which it is in evidence the transparency.A tubular bystander, realized with white BGO - Gobelin tulle was elegantly decorated with scenographical inserts that simulates thin watermarked veins.
Convention Two backdrops made with confectionare sub forma de tub with white LWE - Windel, illuminated here with red light.
Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona The installation in the Cattedrale of Pamplona of a backdrop made of grey BGO - Gobelin tulle realized with confectionare sub forma de tub, diameter 4 m and height 14,5 m.
Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro'' The central round string curtain made of white NTR - Tripolina ...

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Expoziții, arta și arhitectura


Expoziții, arta și arhitectura

Grand Hotel

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Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Opera lirica


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Stand al unui grup bancar

Instalatii comerciale