ATR - Sceno Poly

Muselina din poliester pentru scenografie

ATR-TelaScenoPoly01. alb.
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ATR-TelaScenoPoly01. alb în lumină.
ATR-TelaScenoPoly99. negru.

ATR-TelaScenoPoly99. negru în lumină.
ATR-TelaScenoPoly11. verde chroma key
ATR-TelaScenoPoly10. albastru chroma key
ATR - Sceno Poly muslin is a scenography fabric with legătură pânzã and compact weft.
It is very similar to the ASC - Sceno muslin in its appearance and in its behavior both with frontal and backlighting.
It differs from the ASC - Sceno, in practice, only for the polyester composition of its yarn (the ASC - Sceno is cotton made).
The polyester yarn makes the ATR - Sceno Poly more stable and durable, especially in situations of environmental humidity in which it is not recommended the use of fireproof cotton fabrics, which however remain irreplaceable due to the characteristics of paintability and printability of the cotton.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13501-1 clasa B s1 d0
UNI 9177 clasa 1
100% poliester
200 g/m²
520 cm (10. albastru chroma key, 11. verde chroma key)
620 cm (01. alb, 99. negru)
± 60 m
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Grad de opacitate
Rating 1.5
Grad de absorbtie a luminii
Rating 3.5
Absorbtia sunetului
Rating 1.5

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ATR520P - Sceno Poly lăţime 520 cm 10. albastru chroma key11. verde chroma key
ATR620P - Sceno Poly lăţime 620 cm 01. bianco99. nero