Teatro Regio di Parma, ''Ioana d'Arc''


The maquette by Alessandro Camera foresees a Scenographic quadrature with 7 framed Portals to be made up of TLs-TelsLegs and painted ASC - Sceno muslin.In the center, the framed Backing flat that acts as the main curtain of the scenography.The subject belongs to the Italian Risorgimento iconography: it is a cavalry charge of Regiment
Vezi toate
... which also visually places this Joan of Arc in the metaphor that forms the background to Verdi's patriotic operas.In this view from above we see the scene painter Rinaldo Rinaldi at the end of the realization of the curtain, the largest ...
... among the numerous parts made of painted ASC - Sceno muslin which, once framed, will make up the scenography.As it is evident, the subject represented has nothing to do with the perspectival portals painted with architectural elements, typical of the Italian scenes by Aleotti, Sabbatini, Torelli and Bibbiena.Although the parts are assembled according to the technique of the portals ...
... of the Baroque scenography, the painted images do not complete the perspective view, they hinder and disassemble it.The result is a symbolic redundancy, on the scene, of a topical moment of the Italian Risorgimento that is superimposed on the action that is represented, in which the liberation of France from the English invaders unequivocally alludes to that, hoped for, by the Austrians in Lombardy.
The scenic complex is therefore a stylized quotation in a modern key, but only from the point of view of stagecraft ...
... of the scenographies realized with perspectival portals of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque theater.On the side, the model by Alessandro Camera for one of the scenes.And this ...
... is its realization on the stage, which is the background to the choir of the Teatro Regio di Parma.
Here the maquette simulates a different arrangement of the portals, which in each scene leave one or more openings on a backlit background made with a RAR - Arizona Ecran retroproiecţie.
Lyric drama in a prologue și three acts
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Prima reprezentatie
Milan, Teatro alla Scala, 15/2/1845

Alessandro Camera
Andrea Viotti
Rinaldo Rinaldi
Light design
Andrea Borelli
Directia tehnica
Luigi Cipelli
Directia scenica

Teatro Regio of Parma
Festival Verdi

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ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

Confectionare fără falduri

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Ecrane retroproiecție

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RAR - Arizona

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