Mariinsky Theatre, ''Requiem''

Saint Petersburg

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The Fundal cu iluminare spate RNB - Nebbia cu a different illumination.
Another change of light filtered by the Fundal cu iluminare spate RNB - Nebbia.The blue light in the middle behind the choir is a dynamic video-projection ...
... directly rear-projected on the backdrop RNB - Nebbia.
The director on the stage is busy cu the illustrations the movements to the performers during the repetiție.
A test with combined projection on the dark grey Cortina din franjuri Tripolina and on the backdrop for rear-projections at the back that shows the effectiveness of the projections made on two different levels.The choir of 100 people required by the Requiem has in that way the opportunity to be wound among the flames of the background and those of the anterior level, with possibility of crossing of this last.
Religious muzica
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Prima reprezentatie
Milan, Chiesa di San Marco, 22/5/1874

Giovanna Buzzi
Make-up design
Chiqui Barbé
Light design
Daniele Finzi Pasca
Alexis Bowles
Video design
Roberto Vitalini for BASHIBA
Productie concept
Daniele Finzi Pasca
Julie Hamelin
Directia scenica

Mariinsky Theatre of Saint Petersburg

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Mariinsky Theatre, ''Requiem'': thread curtain Tripolina

Mariinsky Theatre, ''Requiem'': rear-illuminated backdrop Nebbia

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Fundaluri cu iluminare spate

Fundaluri din folie de vinil: tipologii

NTR - Tripolina

Materiale pentru cortine franjurate

RNB - Nebbia

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