9V - Sisteme axiale ad hoc

pentru cortine roman, venețiana, austrian

Petit Théâtre Scheme of 9SV - Sistem axial ad hoc with 10 lifting points ...
Vezi toate
... used for a Cortina cu deschidere venetiana with Grinzi de aluminiu structure.
Vas de croaziera Cortina austriaca con 9SV - Sistem axial ad hoc e 30 punti di sollevamento ...
... which cables, each equipped with its own pulley fixed along the upper edge of the curtain ...
... were diverted to a single motorized winding tube.
Teatro Camploy The 9SV - Sistem axial ad hoc with 13 lifting points used for a Cortina austriaca ...
... with Grinzi de aluminiu structure.The stage of the theater is divided in two separate parts, one on the left and one on the right ...
... and it is endowed with a second Cortina austriaca that is identical to the first one.The terraces of the hall ...
They can be used for Cortina cu deschidere romana, Cortina cu deschidere venetiana and Cortina cu deschidere austriaca.
Each cable of each lifting point is rolled up directly onto a tube which rotates on its axis.
Usually the tube:
- is contained in an aluminum trellis with a square section;
- is driven by a motor.
In rectilinear systems the curtain is hung from the trellis itself.
In shaped-plan systems, the curtain is hung from another structure and the curtain lifting cables are diverted by means of pulleys to the motorized winding tube.
- rectilinear (the curtain is hung on the trellis)
- shaped (the curtain is hung on an independent structure)
- horizontal bottom edge
- shaped bottom edge (except for Cortina cu deschidere romana)
Motorized systems
- with fixed speed
- with variable speed

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