9W - Sisteme longitudinale ad hoc

pentru cortine roman, venețiana, austrian

9SW - Sistem longitudinal pentru deschidere cortine ad hoc The scheme of one of the possible variants:the one with manual operation and counterweight.The system is configured here:- with a Cortina cu deschidere romana- without supporting truss- with 5 lifting points.
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Olimpiada de iarna Torino 2006 The structure of support and containment of the big curtain endowed with motorized mechanisms of Cortina italiană ...
... e di Cortina cu deschidere venetiana che utilizza un 9SW - Sistem longitudinal pentru deschidere cortine ad hoc con 26 punti di sollevamento.
Sala San Luigi A motorized system of Cortina cu deschidere romana without Grinzi de aluminiu ...
... that uses a 9SW - Sistem longitudinal pentru deschidere cortine ad hoc with 10 lifting points.
Michel Sardou, ''Bercy 2001'' A circular Cortina cu deschidere romana with a motorized opening ...
... realized with four synchronized 9SW - Sistem longitudinal ad hoc ...
... with 10 lifting points each.
They can be used for Cortina cu deschidere romana, Cortina cu deschidere venetiana and Cortina cu deschidere austriaca.
Each cable of each lifting point is equipped at the top with a pulley which deviates it laterally to:
- a plate that connects all the cables to a single operating cord (manual systems);
- a winding drum equipped with a groove for each cable (motorized systems); the drum can be positioned laterally or in the centre.
Bearing structure
- rectilinear
- shaped (half-round, polygon, etc.)
- horizontal bottom edge
- shaped bottom edge (except for Cortina cu deschidere romana)
Manual systems
- not counterbalanced
- counterbalanced
Motorized systems
- with fixed speed
- with variable speed

Video & Documentare

Ifema, ''Malinche''

Gigantic venetian curtain: test of closing

Small Venetian curtain

Roman curtain, opening test

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