Teatrul San Carlo, ''Aida''


Cortine de trecere din 3S - Frânghie Aida, culoare gri.
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The making of the Cortine de trecere required No. 201 3S - Frânghie Aida Ø 3,5 cm.The curtain is 20 m wide and 12,5 m high.
The stage area behind the Cortine de trecere is delimited:at its sides by two backdrops 14,35 m wide and 14 m high made with No. 71 3S - Frânghie Aida;in the background by another backdrop 22 m wide and 13,5 m high made of No. 221 3S - Frânghie Aida.
Choreographic movements ...
... using the Cortine de trecere ...
... made of 3S - Frânghie Aida.
Proiecții video on the background și side fundaluri din 3S - Frânghie Aida.
The grey 3S - Frânghie Aida easily take on the colours with which they are illuminated.