Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour''

World Tour 2014

The Milanese studio Giò Forma elaborates a refined theatrical staging in grand style, which includes a main black curtain, a second silver curtain and a Black quadrature.The black backgrounds, including the stage floors, will be decorated with elegant silver and gold continuous line motifs, here in the image is what will be printed in negative ...
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... on the main Cortina cu deschidere romana.The black background, which will maintain an original reflective appearance, will be reproduced on the silver HLU - Textil Lucilla metallic fabric, while the silver lines will be obtained by leaving the fabric to the natural.The curtain will measure 22 x h 10 m and will be equipped ...
... with a black CGO - Gobbi fabric false curtain to eliminate the transparency of the HLU - Textil Lucilla fabric, when this was not desired.The curtain and the false curtain had a manual Deschidere romană mechanism with 8 lifting points made with 4PC - Role PVC + rulmenti, 4B - Tackle blocks ...
... and 3D - Frânghie DNM Ø 2 mm.You notice, from the right, the stage Fusta and a valance made of COS - Oscurante molton with decorations.Then the Cortina cu deschidere romana made of HLU - Lucilla printat digital behind which ...
... two wings and a border made of COS - Oscurante molton frame a Cortina cu deschidere venetiana made of silver EVR - Reflex voile.On the left, the scene is closed by a backdrop made of black COS - Oscurante molton decorated with silvery and golden patterns made with the NRD - Broderie pictata technique, the same used ...
... for the valance, here lowered on the stage, decorated with a horizontal line and diamonds.And for the Fusta of the stage, decorated with vertical lines.The Cortina cu deschidere venetiana made of silver EVR - Reflex voile, here open on the sides ...
... and closed here, was made up with falduri verticale 50%.It measured 20 x h 8.5 m, it weighed 28 kg and its opening ...
... was made by means of a manual system with 11 lifting points.The system was created with components similar to those of the main curtain.
Friends & Partners
Executive productie
Franco Comanducci
Light design
Francesco De Cave
Directia scenica

Materiale utilizate în această producție

3D - Frânghie DNM


4B - Tackle blocks


4P - Rola pvc


BSU - Super Gobelin


CGO - Gobbi

Textile opace

Cortina cu deschidere romana

Tipologie de cortine

Cortina cu deschidere venețiana

Tipologie de cortine

COS - Oscurante

Textile opace

EVR - Reflex

Țesături metalice

Fuste de scena

Accesorii pentru practicabile

HLU - Lucilla

Țesături metalice

Mascatura scena

Cortine acustice

NRD - Broderie pictata


Stangi manuale

Sisteme de stangi

TCA - Capriccio print digital


Stangi pentru scenotehnică

Informatii despre prelucrarea datelor