Ultra Wide Ecoprint

până la lăţime 12 m fără cusături

Detaliul unui fundal din BGO - Gobelin printat digital ...
Vezi toate
... cu Ultrawide Ecoprint ...
... during its tailoring.
Teatro alla Scala, ''La fanciulla del West'' Backdrop made of BGO - Gobelin printat digital, 22 x 10 m.
Teatro alla Scala, ''Ioana d'Arc'' The choir is visible in transparency through some backdrops made of BGO - Gobelin printat digital that transfers on the tulle the pattern of a boiserie wall.When front-lit, the backdrops simulate the boiserie.The lowering of the light on the front and the increase of the illumination on the choir causes the transparency of the BGO - Gobelin tulle backdrops.
Fundal din ASL - Light Sceno printat digital ...
... cu Ultrawide Ecoprint.
Teatro alla Scala, ''Madama Butterfly'' The costumes are made of ASC - Sceno printat digital muslin and of not flameproof white HSE - Tempesta silk.
Revolutionary method of Print digital for natural fiber fabrics (bumbac, matase, linen, etc..).
Printing lăţime
up to 12 m of lăţime without seams
for big dimensiune tul fundaluri cu a tranparency without compromise
water-based but cu a perfect fixation
the pigment penetrates into the yarn without creating grosime și without changing the softness of the fabric
deep și perfect saturation on natural fabrics without coating that, therefore, maintain their properties unchanged
No reflectia luminii
natural matte appearance of the natural fabrics thanks to the absence of coating
No grosime
of the ink
the fabrics mantain their natural softness (cotton) and their natural lightness (silk) because the saturation of colours occur through the absorption rather than by means of the superposition of the pigment
the use of the water instead of synthetic solvents makes the process extremely neutral for the environment than traditional digital printing techniques

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Teatro alla Scala, ''Ioana d'Arc''

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Teatro alla Scala, ''La fanciulla del West''

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Teatro alla Scala, ''Madama Butterfly''

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