BSV - Sprinkle

Tul monoelastic cert. VdS 500 < 550 cm

BSV - Sprinkle 01. alb
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BSV - Sprinkle 01. alb
BSV - Sprinkle - Requirements for use with sprinkler fire prevention systems BSV - Sprinkle tulle has a honeycomb mesh due to which it tends to shrink in the direction of the weft (from selvedge to selvedge), a sense in which, during installation, the 25 holes per 10 cm must not be exceeded.The fabric must be tensioned first in the transverse direction (from selvedge to selvedge) reaching the number of 25 holes per 10 cm and only after that in the longitudinal direction where there must be 18 holes per 10 cm.For the correct functioning of the sprinkler fire prevention systems, the mesh of the tulle must have, with uniform distribution, the dimensions indicated in the image (4.87 mm in the longitudinal direction and 3.16 mm in the transverse direction).The installation tension must be sufficient to avoid loosening of the fabric.The fabric must be installed horizontally and in a single layer only.The distance between the nozzles of the sprinkler systems and the surface of the fabric must not exceed 50 cm at any point.The maximum installation surface, free from beams and studs of any type, must not exceed 30 m².Installation options: 1. - Nailed or stapled on a wooden frame2. - With WCP - Chinga PLP + WOC - Capse C every 25 / 30 cm3. - On aluminum frame

Crèche of Chiarisacco 2011 / 2012 The installation was realized through the wrapping with white BSV - Sprinkle ...
... of a metallic structure ...
... that stylizes the Holy Family.
It is a 2-way stretch knitted weave fabric with a mesh that simulates that of a bobbinet tulle, with which BSV - Sprinkle shares, albeit in a rather approximate way, the aesthetic characteristics.
The sturdiness, the very open mesh when installed with the correct tension and the German VdS certification make it suitable for Plafoane in exhibition stands, when these are housed in pavilions equipped with fire prevention sprinkler systems.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
UNI 9177 clasa 1
DIN 4102 clasa B1
Certificat VdS
hexagonale 4,9 x 3,2 mm
100% trevira CS
120 g/m²
500 cm
± 50 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare
Culori personalizate
nu sunt disponibile

± 10% in latime

Rating 5.0
Efect de zid
cu lumina frontala
Rating 2.0
Proiecţie fata
Rating 2.0
Rating 2.0
Pentru pictura
Rating 2.0 with paintings for polyester fabrics
Pentru print digital
Rating 1.0 with inks for polyester fabrics

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Graficul de culoare

BSV - Sprinkle 01. albThe outlined red line identifies the position of the selvage in comparison with the mesh.

Acest material a fost folosit pentru...

Crèche of Chiarisacco 2011 / 2012


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