6TG - Air Gigante

Practicabile modulare

6TG - Air Gigante
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6TG - Air Gigante The adjustment of the înălțime of the scissors legs (ogni 20 cm, ogni 16,67 cm o ad altezze speciali) happens cu Bowden cables commanded from the top thanks to special levers that are inserted when needed.At the bottom: the holes of access to the devices of adjustment of the height are closed by a special stopper.
6TG - Air Gigante Every part of the platform is interchangeable și fixed cu screws, the joints are auto-lubricant.The base frame strengthens the structure totally realized in aluminiu.
6TG - Air Gigante is the pneumatically assisted version of the 6G - Practicabile Gigante scissor-legged platform (150 cm max. height, 300 x 100 cm board).
Its height is effortlessly adjusted from above: two people can change the set-up of a stage in a few minutes.
In installations recessed at floor level, the complete lowering of the platforms eliminates their presence.
The need for transport and storage of the platforms does not exist anymore.
It is ideal for fixed installations in multifunctional facilities where it is necessary to vary the heights of the platforms without removing them.
6TG ............ 6TGG
Raise every
20 cm ........ 16,67 cm

Maximum înălțime
150 cm (134 cm al di sopra del livello del pavimento)
Înălțime closed
20 cm (profondità incassata nel pavimento)
Board dimensiune
300 x 100 cm (standard rectangular shape)
123 kg
750 kg / m²

aluminiu frame cu reinforcement frame to the base
Înălțime control
from the top cu two special levers și cu a servo control (gas springs)
Spare parts
availability of every spare part

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