Teatro Comunale, ''Flatul fermecat''


Four large 9TM - Rama pentru scenografie made of aluminium (two are trapezoidal and two are rectangular) and covered with COS - Oscurante 18. red.
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The secnography by Nicola Fagnani used 38 backdrops made of COS - Oscurante with different shapes, sizes and with 5 different colours.
The frames reproduce in stylized way the blades of 4 giants optical diaphgrams made of different colours.
As a tribute to Fanny and Alexander, the famous film by Ingmar Bergman, the scene is observed from the outside as if it were that of a puppet theatre.The close-up of the child Alexander looking into the theater is a rear-projection on a Ecran retroproiecţie made with the film RNO - Notturno.
In this scene the second of the 4 diaphgrams made of COS - Oscurante appears.It is green, custom dyeing.
The image shows the splitting fo the colors (red and cyan channels) that is typical of 3D projections realized with the method of the anaglyph on the Ecran retroproiecţie made of RNO - Notturno.
In this scene all the 4 diaphragms are visible in the different colors of the COS - Oscurante: 18. red, 17. blue, 20. blue, custom dyeing green.
The 4 diaphragms were in continuous movement during the performance of the opera.Here are clearly visible those made of COS - Oscurante 17. blue and 20. blue.
Singspiel in doua acte
Prima reprezentatie
Vienna, Theater auf der Wieden, 30/9/1791

Nicola Fagnani
Chiara Lagani
Directia tehnica
Luca Gandini
Directia scenica,
light design
Luigi De Angelis

Teatro Comunale of Bologna

Materiale utilizate în această producție

9TM - Rama pentru scenografie

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COS - Oscurante

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Ecrane retroproiecție

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RNO - Notturno

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