Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față

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The Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față in two parts is fixed at the top to a bar.Two fly facilities predisposed on purpose, generally with manual operation, allow to lift the lower central corner of each half of the curtain.
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Teatru de Națiuni, ''Pushkin's Fairy Tales'' Plan by stage designer Annick Lavallée-Benny for ...
... the Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față made of HSS - Shelter 5. dark grey realized with two tails made with confectionare fără falduri, size 8 x 8 m each.
Teatro Comunale ''Luciano Pavarotti'' A backdrop made of ANM - Nomentana canvas, natural colour and painted by Rinaldo Rinaldi and Maria Grazia Cervetti.The painting represents a Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față with single tail and falduri verticale.
Piccolo Teatro, ''Livada de vișini'', 1973 The suspended veil that Luciano Damiani called the ''upper fantastic'', from 1969 onwards a recurring element in the stagings by the great Bolognese scenographer, was nothing more than a Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față.Damiani's veil, however, was not fixed near the proscenium ...
... but to a flying bar placed towards the back of the stage, which was thus totally covered by a sky made of a semitransparent and mobile fabric, which Damiani used, as well as for symbolic and dramatic purposes, as a diffuser of light.The veil was made of white HSE - Tempesta silk with confectionare fără falduri.It was hung from a bar used to extend it towards the center of the hall ...
... and to make it assume various positions, sometimes making it go down until it almost touches the stage.In Piccolo Teatro, ''Livada de vișini'' the ''upper fantastic'' was sprinkled with dead leaves, visible against the light through the HSE - Tempesta silk.The leaves moved during the displacements of the backdrop, contributing to further animate it and to make this interpretation of the Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față take on the role of protagonist of the representation.It was one of the most famous mises en scène by Giorgio Strehler, in which the scenography, although minimalist, had a fundamental role.
Teatro Comunale din Bologna, ''Otello'' A large Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față with confectionare fără falduri made of HSP - Tempesta Poly print digital.22 m wide and 17 m high, the backdrop has a weight of only 15 kg in addition to the WPL - Plomba weights that have been sewn into the upper and lower hems.The backdrop was hung at the two high corners ...
The Cortina cu deschidere prin pliere pe față can be made up with falduri verticale or with confectionare fără falduri, with two central opening tails or with a single tail.

One or more fly facilities, connected to one or several points of the lower edge of the curtain or near it, are used to lift it towards the audience, thus uncovering the scene.
- with fixed bar at the top
- with bar at the top endowed cu fly facilities
- with double tail
- with single tail

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Teatro Comunale di Bologna, ''Otello''

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