Teatro Pergolesi, ''La traviata''


In the background, Cortina cu deschidere romana with 11 lifting points made of HSE - Tempesta 8. grey, 13,7 x h 12 m.The silk allows you to see the choir in semi-transparency.A framed and tilted ZSK - Ultralight Mirror reflects the proscenium.On the sides, two backdrops with falduri verticale made of HSE - Tempesta 8. grey, 13,7 x h 10 m ...
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... are pushed aside and lifted, simulating a Cortina citaliană.At the same time, the Cortina cu deschidere romana opens to reveal the choir ...
... and a RNB - Nebbia Fundal iluminta din spate, 20 x 10 m, that has changed color.
The two lateral draped backdrops made of HSE - Tempesta silk now cascade down the steps.The Cortina cu deschidere romana has been lowered and the silk crosses the large frame.
Melodrama in trei acte
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
directia tehnica
Catherine Buyse Dian
Light design
Fabrizio Gobbi
Directia scenica


Materiale utilizate în această producție

Cortina cu deschidere romana

Tipologie de cortine

Fundaluri cu iluminare spate

Fundaluri din folie de vinil: tipologii

HSE - Tempesta

Matase și satin

RNB - Nebbia

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