CSM - Stoplight Moon

Țesătură blackout

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CSM - Stoplight Moon is a blackout fabric with a soft consistency which, thanks to the white acrylic coating on the reverse side, produces a total barrier to light.
Since this is a fabric that has the latter purpose combined with decorative needs, the front side, which is very uniform due to the very tight weave and very thin thread, has limited photo-absorbing properties even in dark colours.
It contributes to the improvement of the sound reverberation.
It has good tear resistance.
Thanks to its coating it does not fray and can be used with raw edges.
It is mainly used for curtains that must produce a blackout effect.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
UNI 9177 clasa 1
certificat OMI
poliester 100%
acoperire acrilică
280 g/m²
290 cm
± 30 m
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Grad de opacitate
Rating 5.0
Grad de absorbtie a luminii
Rating 2.5
Absorbtia sunetului
Rating 1.5
Bariera fonica
Rating 3.0
Pentru pictura
Rating 1.0
Pentru print digital
Rating 2.0

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CSM - Stoplight Moon 07. bordeaux11. albastru12. albastru avion99. negru