KFR - Forma 360

Tecido de aço moldável

KFR - Forma 360The fabric looks like in the picture, but it can be wrinkled and shaped.
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KFR - Forma 360
KFR - Forma 360
The comparison between KFO-Forma 250, on the left, and KFR-Forma 360, on the right.
KFR - Forma 360 is a stainless steel fabric.
It is moldable, it is used to create three-dimensional surfaces and shapes and it can be painted.
It can be sewn and endowed with the finishes normally used with other fabrics (WOC - Capse, WVE - Velcro (arici), etc).
Reacția la foc
it is incombustible because of its stainless steel composition, metals are included (by way of example) in the following classes:
UNI 9177 class 0
EN 13501-1 class A
Materials made entirely of metal are considered incombustible without being tested and they are not expected to receive any type approval (Decision 96/603 / EC)
self-certification concerning the composition in stainless steel only
oțel inoxidabil
360 g/m²
0,2 mm
150 cm
25 m
Metoda de ambalare
rolled-up fabric
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KFR - Forma 36000. oțel