Louis Vuitton, ''Xmas Dinner 2019''


Entrance slit drape ...
Vezi toate
... made of golden 5 mm QSX - Strippix.
Red carpet ...
... made of red TMP - Perotapis moquette.
The space dedicated to the dinner used the red TMP - Perotapis moquette too.
Stage with red HSW - Twixy satin curtains ...
... and red TMP - Perotapis moquette.
Entrance slit drape ...
Corporate Christmas event of Louis Vuitton whose setting used gold QSX - Strippix, red TMP - Perotapis carpet and red HSW - Twixy satin curtains.
Production agency

Materiale utilizate în această producție

HSW - Twixy

Matase și satin

QSX - Strippix

Materiale pentru cortine franjurate

TMP - Perotapis

Covoare textile

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