Teatrul Malibran, ''Scara de mătase''


The seventeenth-century stage of the Teatro Malibran was covered with the black glossy TIL - Iris Lucido floor ...
Vezi toate
... while on the sides of the scene there are about twenty wings made with the rear-projection film RNB - Nebbia.The wings are 10 m high and have a width ranging from 1.2 to 2.7 m.They are mobile and they slide along a Kompas track system thanks to which they can widen or tighten the central opening.
The wings made of RNB - Nebbia film were decorated by a rectangle pattern ...

... and they are illuminated with different colours ranging from red, to blue, to white.
The wings made of RNB - Nebbia are backlit here, in this image one can also appreciate the semi-transparency of the film ...
... while this is a situation where they are lit from the front too.In the center, the background is closed by four other movable wings made with the changing 75. blue velvet FNA - Nabucco, the colour of which varies in tone and intensity depending on the lighting.The velvet wings are decorated by silver NBT - Accesorii decorative and NFR - Franjuri.
Farsă într-un act
Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)
Prima reprezentatie
Veneția, Teatro San Moisè, 9/5/1812

Fabio Carpene
Sofia Farnea
Light design
Jovan Stankic
Direcția tehnica
Massimo Checchetto
Direcția scenica
Bepi Morassi

Teatrul La Fenice de Veneția
Teatro Malibran de Veneția

Materiale utilizate în această producție

1K - Kompas

Sisteme de șine

FNA - Nabucco

Plusuri speciale

NBT - Bordo traforato

Franjuri și borduri decorative

NFR - Franjuri

Franjuri și borduri decorative

RNB - Nebbia

Folii retroproiecție

TIL - Iris Lucido

Covoare de vinil

Informatii despre prelucrarea datelor