Théâtre du Capitole, ''Le prophète''


The Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla was made with the QGH - Ghiaccio film.The film was painted to reduce its transparency ...
Vezi toate
... and it is open on an ASC - Sceno printat digital muslin backdrop ...
... here subjected to red lighting that makes the subject stand out.
The central structure is made up of framed Set pieces covered by ASL - Light Sceno printat digital light muslin.Front lighting is prevalent here ...
... while in this image the light muslin is sent in transparency with a slight backlight which highlights the wooden frames.
The central panel consists of a small BGO - Gobelin printat digital tulle backdrop with rather intense frontal lighting in the center ...
... which is lowered here, making the perception of peripheral areas disappear.
The set designer Alessandro Ciammarughi has also signed the costumes, made in part with not extremely common techniques, as evidenced for example ...
Grand opéra în cinci acte
Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791-1864)
Prima reprezentatie
Paris, Opéra Le Peletier, 16/4/1849

Scenographic creations
Light design
Guido Petzold
Direcția tehnica
Benoît Becret
Direcția scenica


Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno print digital

Print material textil

ASL - Light Sceno printat digital

Print material textil

BGO - Gobelin print digital

Print material textil

BZQ - Tramanet 15


LEL - Perospan print digital

Print material textil

NRD - Broderie pictata


QGH - Ghiaccio

Folii decorative

Informatii despre prelucrarea datelor