Teatro Real, ''L'Orfeo''


The bucolic scene of the first act.Orpheus and Euridice are surrounded by a choir of nymphs and shepherds who are dancing and twirling their impalpable tunics of variously coloured HSE140N - Tempesta - Nu este ignifugat silk.In the background ...
Vezi toate
... a Ecran retroproiecţie made of RCO - Colorado creates a horizon of shrubs and crowns of trees among which, in the distance, one can see a temple.The RCO - Colorado screen ...
... in the fifth act, in which Apollo descends from heaven to punish Orpheus.The sun and the reliefs of the ground in the background are rear-projected, while the relief of the ground in the foreground and the cloud with Apollo's chariot are two wheeled Ground rows made of painted and framed ASC - Sceno muslin.
Fable in muzica in cinci acte
Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
Prima reprezentatie
Mantua, Palazzo Ducale, 24/2/1607

William Orlandi
Directia tehnica
Manuel Fontanals
Directia scenica
Gilbert Deflo

Teatro Real of Madrid

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

Ecrane retroproiecție

Ecrane pentru retroproiecție

HSE - Tempesta

Matase și satin

RCO - Colorado

Folii retroproiecție

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