Teatro Biondo, ''Povestea personală''


Photos from the premiere of the show.«''A Personal Fairy Tale'' is the adolescent's conviction of being special and unique, a phase of life in which that process of identification which places the young person at the center of the social stage is determined.A construction that never really ends ...»
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«... and which becomes, in adulthood, a landscape of the mind.So it is for the protagonists of the three acts:''Morir es mejor que amar'' - ''A Personal Fairy Tale'' - ''Hotel Ovidio'', respectively inspired by the films ''Kynetta'', ''Alps'', ''The Lobster'' by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos.»From the presentation note of A Personal Fairy Tale.A little flashback ...
... and here is the layout of the scenography, the first step for its execution.1. Props2. Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla made of EVT - Light Sceno Poly3. TRX10 track4. Black COS - Oscurante molton wings5. Rostrum / pool6. Black COS - Oscurante molton backdrop7. Suspended lighted sign8. Wagons9. Suspended chandelier
The central element of the scene is the 2.4 m wide and 6.5 m high Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla, composed of a shaped and opening central part and two fixed lateral parts, to be made with 100% falduri verticale.Set designer Diana Ciufo, who wanted a fabric with a soft fall, semitransparent or opaque depending on the lighting way, chose EVT - Light Sceno Poly, 423. pink special colour.The mechanical opening system ...
... will be made with a TRX10 track, here in an axonometric view, whose central sections will be curved according to the required semi-ellipse layout with manual central opening.The rails will have a central 80 cm overlap and the curtain will open by means of a manual rope mechanism.
The stage of the Teatro Biondo is ready for the assembly of the setting.The curtain opens on the historical hall, which retains the structure and most of the original liberty style decorations ...
... while a stagehand is assembling on the ground the TRX10 track with the 1T02 connection sets.The technician will then attach the 1T31 suspension brackets to the top channel of the rail.In this case an eyebolt has been screwed to each bracket ...
... to allow the hanging of the track on the flyloft with the cables that the stagehands have prepared.The track here has already been equipped with its runners ...
Favola personale (Povestea personală)
Triptic pentru o lume cu susul în jos inspirată din cinematograful Yorgos Lanthimos
Giuliano Scarpinato
Prima reprezentatie
Palermo, Teatro Biondo, 25/02/2022

Dora Argento
Light design
Giacomo Agnifili
Directia tehnica
Giuseppe Baiamonte
Directia scenica
Giuliano Scarpinato

Teatro Biondo de Palermo

Materiale utilizate în această producție

1T - TRX10

Sisteme de șine

Confectionare fără falduri

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COS - Oscurante

Textile opace

EVT - Light Sceno Poly

Muselină ușoară

Falduri verticale

Ţesătură: tipuri de executare

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