Teatro alla Scala, ''Boris Godunov''


Some gigantic rolls of parchment, actually some ASC - Sceno printat digital muslin backdrops, are hung in succession in the center of the scene.They visually describe, with drawings and handwritten text, the dramatic historical events of which Tsar Boris Godunov ...
Vezi toate
... was the protagonist in the early seventeenth century.Among the iconographic sources to which stage designer Es Devlin referred we can identify William Kentridge and some drawings and notes by Pushkin, progenitor of Russian literature and author of the dramatic poem which inspired Musorgsky.The scrolls are laid out on the stage ...
... like infinity coves, as this photograph taken during the rehearsals highlights.They will be scrolled, during the course of the action, lifting them and revealing their sequence to the public.One of the historiated parchments is not made of muslin ...
... but of QCS - Squarcia printat digital scenographic paper and, during the scene ''The madness of Boris'' ...
... will be torn apart by the protagonist who will leap from side to side.The sides of the scene ...
... which is externally surrounded by a Mascatura scena made of COT - Oscurante Teatro muslin, are crowded ...
... by dozens of shaped Set pieces made ASC - Sceno printat digital muslin framed on composite aluminum panels having disparate shapes and sizes.These are fragments of geographical maps of the time, enlarged and reproduced in negative ...
... reporting the relief and hydrography of Russia.The fragments descend from above with various inclinations, curvatures, partial overlapping and without an apparent order, until they become almost horizontal platforms and they form, overall, a sort of geographical basin ...
Dramă muzicală populară într-un prolog și trei acte
Modest Petrovici Musorgski
Prima reprezentatie
San Pietroburgo, Teatro Mariinskij, 8/2/1874

Ida Marie Ellekilde
Light design
Jonas Bøgh
Video design
Luke Halls
Directia scenica

2022 / 2023

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno print digital

Print material textil

COT - Oscurante Teatro

Textile opace

EVV - Velo 20

Țesături tehnice

MCO - Coutil

Țesături tehnice

QCS - Squarcia printat digital

RAR - Arizona

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