Stangi manuale


Stangi manuale without winch for Role de pod autoportantă 9RS - Role de pod autoportantă4L-Rocchettolegno4P-RocchettoPVC4PC-RocchettiPVC3E-Cordapoliestere3C-Cordacanapa9TN - 8 - Tevi9MA - MantegnoA - Knot for mantegnoB - Clove hitch knot
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Stangi manuale without winch for Podul de scena 4DG - Grid metalic pentru pod de scena4LR - Rola lemn (rola) + 4UP - Pivot for block4PAC-RocchPVCautobloccCusc3E-Cordapoliestere3C-Cordacanapa9TN - 8 - Tevi9MA - MantegnoA - Knot for mantegnoB - Clove hitch knotC - Wooden Podul de scena already existing
Mantegno The one in the exemplu, a small dimensiune one, was installed on a stage cu Stangi cu role de pod.Bigger bars are realized also for stage cu Stangi cu pod de stangi.Custom realization in metal or in wood.
Teatro Sociale of Canzo The wooden Mantegno and the ropes made of 3E - Franghie Poly and 3C - Franghie de canepa of the Stangi manuale.It's noteworthy the original winch, in operating conditions probably identical to those of 1829, when it was made ready for use.
Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi The Stangi manuale of a theatre for marionettes.The ropes of the fly facilities, made of 3C - Franghie de canepa, are fixed to the Mantegno traditionally made of wood.
Clema made of enameled iron
Manual fly facilities installed in a small theatre with Role de pod fixe.Manual fly facilities were realized with:- 2AM - Troliu cu manivelă M- 2AMP - Placa separare cabluri- Clema
The Stangi manuale of a small parish theatre cu Podul de scena și galleries.
Of irreplaceable practicality, the Stangi manuale are used for modest loads to be lifted with ease and speed, such as wings, borders, backdrops, screens and light scenes.
Heavier loads can be handled by arranging the Stangi manuale in the form of the Gun tackle fly facility, which however limits their practicality and speed of movement.
They are used both in stages with Role de pod fixe systems and in those equipped with Podul de scena with mobile blocks or with Role pentru podul de scena, where for their simplicity they remain in use even alongside sophisticated motorized systems.
The lifting of the load takes place by means of textile ropes which are fixed to the ground to a Mantegno or to a Clema with a specific knot.
At the other end the ropes are usually tied with a clove hitch knot to a lifting point or to a batten.
For light loads and for bars up to 4 m in length, the Cantinelle are used, for higher lengths and loads the 8 - Tevi are used.
Main items
Accessories to fix the ropes
Blocks for structure
Auto-blocking pulleys flor flyloft

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