RAR - Arizona

Folie retroproiecție

RAR - Arizona The film in backlighting and with frontal lighting.A. partea de viziune reliefat matăB. spate neted strălucitor
Vezi toate
Teatro Colón, ''Disney Magia y Sinfonía Ecran retroproiecţie made of RAR - Arizona used by the musical medley co-produced by Disney and the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires.It measured 22 x h 13.5 m and was used with a similarly sized RNV - Nevada screen.
Teatro Donizetti, ''L'ange de Nisida'' Two shaped Fundaluri cu iluminare spate, made with the RAR - Arizona film, were used to symbolically represent the sea surrounding the island of Nisida.
Teatro Verdi din Trieste, ''The Corsair'' Rear-projection on a Ecran retroproiecţie ...
.. realized with the film RAR - Arizona. The rear-projection is filtered through a backdrop made of black BGO - Gobelin tulle.
Opera din Erevan, ''The Last Judgement'' The singer on the right is in front of a backdrop made of grey BGO - Gobelin tulle on which the large face is projected.The choir can be seen in transparency behind the tulle, the backlight of which is created with the slight backlighting of an RAR - Arizona 22 x h 13 m screen ...
... which here has instead been turned off, while other images are projected onto the tulle.Rear-projection screens are often used as a background with controllable brightness for tulle backdrops, with which they create a double layer of lighting: the one of the tulle in the foreground has a variable transparency while the second is backlit.
Teatro San Carlo, ''Parsifal'' Fundal cu iluminare spate manufactured with the film RAR - Arizona, the light of which ...
RAR - Arizona is a film for professional rear projection screens.
It can also be used in frontal projection.
Low transmittance and low gain provide homogeneity, high viewing angle and an optimal result in edge blending too.
It maintains a remarkable contrast and depth of blacks even in the presence of light interferences, such as those to which a theater stage is generally subjected.
It is used both for high quality video rear projections, and for simple chromatic backlighting.
It is often used as a background with variable luminosity for tulle backdrops.
It is the most versatile choice, the one that best suits the most heterogeneous.needs and situations.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13501-1 clasa B s1 d0
UNI 9177 clasa 1
NFP 92-503 clasa M1
NFPA 701 pass
100% PVC
435 g / m²
0,30 mm
230 cm
100 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
vizibil lateral reliefat și mat
plierea poate cauza cute albicioase

Transmitanţă max
0,52 β
Câştig max
0,41 β
Rating 4.0 luminozitate
Rating 4.0 contrast
Rating 5.0 fidelitatea culorii
Rating 5.0 unghi de vizibilitate
Rating 5.0 anti hot spot (proprietati de difuzie a luminii)
Rating 4.0 anti parasitic light (interferenta cu lumina ambientala)
Proiecție faţă
Rating 4.5
Pentru print digital
Imbinare termica

prin metru (pliat sau rulat, role max. 25 m)
în role întregi
în realizări la comandă

Graficul de culoare

RAR - Arizona A. gri reliefat mată (partea de viziune)B. gri neted strălucitor (spate)

Video & Documentare

5Z - Fast take up for screens: test

Vetta TV, small rear-projection screen

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