3E - Frânghie Poly

Frânghie textila din poliester

3E - Franghie Poly cu a 4LA - Rola de deviere pod scena din lemn installed on a Podul de scena din Grid metalic pentru pod de scena.
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Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli The wooden Podul de scena of an historical Italian theatre.The picture shows the 4LR - Rola lemn (rola) lined up, the coil of 3C - Franghie de canepa and black 3E - Franghie Poly hung on central structure. At the centre of the picture one can see a stage shifter intent in the operations.
3E - Franghie Poly used by a system of Stangi cu pod de stangi ...

... realized with:- Grid metalic pentru pod de scena- 4TA 2 - Rola de deviere pod scena cu 2 canale- 4LA - Rola de deviere pod scena din lemn
3E - Franghie Poly cu a 4LA - Rola de deviere pod scena din lemn installed on a Podul de scena din Grid metalic pentru pod de scena.
Teatro Sociale Bonoris Example de 3E - Franghie Poly used in the realizations of Stangi manuale in a historical theatre.
The 3E - Franghie Poly is versatile and economical and it is used for Stangi manuale, for Sisteme de șine and for various other stagecraft applications, often resulting in the ideal compromise between price convenience and performance.
It is more extensible than 3C - Franghie de canepa, but this does not constitute a handicap if it is used in situations of permanent tension.
It is resistant to abrasion and external agents and it is available in various colours, thus facilitating the identification of each individual rope in fly facilities that use many hanging points.
Reacția la foc
nu este ignifugat
100% fiber of high tenacity polyester
formed by 16 strands cu fibre cores without junctions
Lungimea rolei
about 200 m
Culorile disponibile
vezi graficul de culori

... Ø mm / Greutate g / m / Sarcina de rupere kg
Ø . 6 mm / . 21 g/m / .. 650 kg
Ø . 8 mm / . 43 g/m / 1.200 kg
Ø 10 mm / . 64 g/m / 1.600 kg
Ø 12 mm / 104 g/m / 2.200 kg
Ø 14 mm / 141 g/m / 3.500 kg
Ø 16 mm / 185 g/m / 4.200 kg
Ø 18 mm / 223 g/m / 5.100 kg
Ø 20 mm / 320 g/m / 6.300 kg
Sarcina de rupere este teoretică

în role întregi
ca accesoriu pentru creații la comandă

Graficul de culoare

3E - Franghie Poly 95. gri99. negru
3E - Franghie Poly 01. alb02. alb - negru25. galben45. roșu65. verde73. albastru deschis75. albastru

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Renato Zero, ''Amo Tour''


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