Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, ''Der Sandmann''


The scenography of the show used two single tail Cortina grecești for lateral opening, size 6,50 x h 8 m.They were made up of 97. holo grey EVA - Aurora voile ...
Vezi toate
... with 100% falduri verticale.The scene is backlit here thanks to a luminous background created with a RNV - Nevada made Fundal cu iluminare spate, 16 x 10 m.Two 18 m long Kompas track systems ...
... with double pulleys allowed to move the Cortina grecești from a side to the other of the stage without modifying their width.
Here the Fundal cu iluminare spate is almost off, some horizontal LED strips have been lowered in front of it and of the EVA - Aurora voile curtain ...
... only its vertical drapes stand out slightly thanks to a weak frontal lighting.
The perspective effect created by three backdrops painted by Paolino Libralato.
The backdrops were made of ASC - Sceno muslin ...
... fixed on black USC - Nylonet.
Anna Calvi, from E.T.A. Hoffmann
Anna Calvi
Prima reprezentatie
Recklinghausen, Ruhrfestspiele, 3/5/2017

Direcția scenica, light design
Stage direction collaboration
Ann-Christin Rommen
Light design collaboration
Scott Bolman
Annick Lavallée-Benny
Make-up design
Manu Halligan
Paolino Libralato


Materiale utilizate în această producție

1K - Kompas

Sisteme de șine

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

EVA - Aurora


Falduri verticale

Ţesătură: tipuri de executare

Fundaluri cu iluminare spate

Fundaluri din folie de vinil: tipologii

RNV - Nevada

Folii retroproiecție

USC - Nylonet

Plase scenografice

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