Rigging accessories


1LCD - Hanging Clamp ě 50 mm with M10 nut

1LCL - Hanging Clamp ě 50 mm

1Z TM - Spring turnbuckle

1ZT - Hook Clamp

For ě 48-51 mm tube

2AM - Winch M for manual fly facilities

2AMP - Plate 5 in 1 for manual winches

2AW - Winch W for manual fly facilities

2PF - Horn cleat

Cleat for manual fly facilities

4N - N multi-race pulley

for flylofts

7C - Eye couplers aluminium

7RA - Reinforcement arms

7SC 60 - Safe-T Cable

Safety cable

8C50 - Hanging Clamp ě 50 mm with M8 nut

8LCA - Cantinella

Wooden battens for scenography

9MA - Mantegno

Bar for manual fly facilities

Blocks and pulleys

VST - Silvia Gaffer

Gaffer tape

WMO - Snap Hooks

WMR - Fast links

WPC - Croconip

Crocodile clip