Trusses: introduction


Aluminium trusses They are ideal for creating modular structures, including self-supporting ones, for lights, screens, backdrops and scenographies of all weights and sizes.In the picture, a detail of an Exhibition stand built with 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm and 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm.
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Available versions:- 7FX20 - Flat trusses 20 cm- 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm- 7TX30 - Triangular trusses 29 cm- 7QX20 - Square trusses 20 cm- 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm- 7QD30 - Square trusses HD 29 cm- 7QX40 - Square trusses 40 cm- 7QD40 - Square trusses HD 40 cm
Aluminium casting plates They guarantee the sturdiness of the ends of the trusses and of the special pieces (corners, connectors).They are perfectly fitting and extremely resistant to deformation.
M10 - Bolts connection Suitable for permanent installations, it also allows you to avoid protrusions that can damage the backdrops or create aesthetic problems.The bolts are common trade ones and are therefore available in every situation.FC - Fast connection clutch For frequent assembly and disassembly.
Dado system for corners and intersections Modular system to compose corners and crossings to replace the less versatile fixed corner pieces.Basic Dado modules 7FX30 K 2 - Dado 4 ways-2 knots7FX30 K 4 - Dado 4 ways-4 knots7QX30 K 8 - Dado 4 ways-8 knots
Dado connection kits 7FX K FC - FX connection kit7QX K FC - QX connection kit7TZ30 K 01 - Spanner for Dado connection kitEvery Dado requires a kit for every connection between the Dado and the truss.
Michel Sardou, ''Bercy 2001'' The stage construction of a concert realized with curved 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm.
Tableau vivant 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm and 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm employed in the realization of a light weight structure for scenography.
The extremity of the trusses are constituted by special plates made of aluminium casting.
Advantages of
casting plates
stiffening in correspondence of the connections
increase of the values of resistance to torsion and bending of the truss
exclusion of the risk of deformation of the terminals
guarantee of precision of the connections also after particularly heavy uses
absolute compatibility of connection among trusses of the same series
possibility of choice between fast connections or bolts connections

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