WPC - Croconip

Crocodile clip

WPC - Croconip For backdrops, suitable to grab the fabrics and perimetric web of several kinds of backdrops.
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Their effectiveness is due to the fact that the increase of the traction provokes the hold of the jaws ...
... creating the effect of a auto-adjustable vice of exceptional power.
The realization in metal makes it extremely resistant to the traction.
Crocodile clip suitable to grab the fabrics and perimetric webs of several kinds of Vinyl screens and backdrops and Fabric backdrop.
It has a firm grasp on fabrics and soft materials.
The increase of the traction causes the clasping of the jaws, creating the effect of a very strong vice.
It adapts automatically to various thicknesses.
90 x 45 x 35 mm
70 g
Available colours
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WPC - Croconip 99. black
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