9TM - Metal frames

for stagecraft

Self-supporting sectional frame made of aluminum Example of small custom realization.The frame, in this case ...
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... is formed by:- 2 tubes with angles and couplings- 2 tubes- 2 french braces / jacks- 2 small bases- bolts for assembly- counterweights (optional)The breakdown into several parts ...
... facilitates the transport and storage of the frame.The bases are equipped with holes for fixing to the stage surface with screws or can be suitably weighted with special counterweights.
Teatro Comunale of Bologna, ''The magic flute'' Metal frames made of aluminium.This staging used No. 38 different of them with various shapes and sizes ...
... covered with COS - Oscurante molton in No. 5 different colours.That in the picture has a 14 x h 10 m size and it is covered with 18. red COS - Oscurante molton.
Fundación Rafa NadalBarcelona Self-supporting sectional frame made of iron.The Crossing curtain made of LBE - Perolastic measures 6 x h 4 m.
Tib Teatro, ''FIRMAmenTO GALILEO'' Hemicycle-shaped aluminum made Self-supporting sectional frame.The Crossing curtain made of LBE - Perolastic measures 14 x h 6 m.The frame was built to be mounted with three different heights in order to adapt the backdrop to stages of various sizes.
Self-supporting sectional frame made of steel Custom realization: 4,80 x h 3,60 m.The steel tube has a round section ...
The Metal frames for stagecraft are custom designed and manufactured.
For fabric and vinyl backdrops and for screens.
Their use with manual or motorized movement devices can be foreseen.
custom realization
ease of assemblage and transport

Self-supporting sectional frame
Sectional frame to hang

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Installation of a panoramic screen PBL-Blackout

Rehearsal with a LBE - Perolastic backdrop

SakhaExpo - Moscow

360° Panoramic screen PBL-Blackout

This material was used for...

Fundación Rafa Nadal



Prose theatre

Nuovo Teatro, ''Azul''

Prose theatre

Opening of a manufacturing plant


Panoramic screen for flight simulator

Screens for public places



Small stage for outdoor / indoor use

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Teatro Comunale, ''The Magic Flute''

Lyric opera

Tib Teatro, ''FIRMAmenTO GALILEO''

Prose theatre

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