WPE - Perofix

Elastic hooks

Elastic hooks WPE - Perofix used for extending screens and backdrops on frames and metallic structures.The backdrops must be provided of special WOS - S Eyelets along their perimeter.
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Black and white WPE - Perofix.On the right: examples with vinyl backdrops.
Teatro Real de Madrid, ''Las golondrinas'' The fixing with WPE - Perofix of a Rear-projection screen.
Teleticino, ''Swiss Venture Club'' Frontal projection screen made of the film PBL - Blackout installed with the elastic hooks WPE - Perofix, white colour, length 15 cm ...
... on a frame built with aluminium 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm.The screen is 9 m side and 4 m high, and is installed in front of a Rear-illuminated backdrop RNV - Nevada that has a scenographical function.
Teatro Real de Madrid, ''La Dolores'' In order to stretch nine Rear-projection screens made of RNO - Notturno and a backdrop made of black BSU - Super Gobelin tulle that belong to this scenography it was necessary to use 1.228 WPE - Perofix of 15 and 27 cm, black colour.
Panoramic screen for flight simulator Panoramic Frontal projection screen manufactured with a Self-supporting sectional frame and the film PSW - Stormywall.The screen size is 18,30 x 4,20 m.In order to stretch the screen properly, 200 black WPE - Perofix 27 cm had been used.
Example of a frame used for a small Frontal projection screen realized with 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm.The screen has been realized with the special film PBO - Bianco Ottico and is fixed to the frame with some WPE - Perofix elastic hooks, white, 15 cm.
The WPE - Perofix are robust elastic hooks of irreplaceable practicality that are used in combination with the WOS - S Eyelets for Vinyl screens and backdrops and with the WOC - C Eyelets for Fabric backdrop.
WPE - Perofix 16 hook 4,5 cm + elastic 13 cm (max. tension 26 cm)
WPE - Perofix 27 hook 4,5 cm + elastic 22 cm (max. tension 44 cm)
Weight each
WPE - Perofix 16 . 8 g
WPE - Perofix 27 10 g
Diameter of the elastic
4,5 mm
Available colours
see colour chart

by the piece

Colour chart

WPE - Perofix01. white99. black

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360° Panoramic screen PBL-Blackout

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360° Panoramic screen PBL-Blackout

Screens for public places

Panoramic screen for flight simulator

Screens for public places

Serrat y Sabina, ''Dos pájaros de un tiro''


Teatro Real, ''La Dolores''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Real, ''Las golondrinas''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Verdi di Padova, ''Aida''

Lyric opera

Teleticino, ''Swiss Venture Club''

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