Costa Victoria

Cruising ship

The round Austrian curtain manufactured with golden HLU - Lucilla fabric.It works with a round opening mechanism that surroundsthe whole stage and has been realized with a 9SV - Axial system with 30 lifting points and transmission with Cardan joints.
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The Austrian curtain mechanical system is endowed with a varying speed automatism.
The ShowLED Classic backdrop with which the stage is endowed.

Formed by two parts, the ShowLED Classic opens flowing to the sides as a Traveller curtain thanks to a 1K - Kompas rail system with manual opening. Behind the ShowLED Classic, another backdrop manufactured in white ASC - Sceno.
The first Traveller curtain was manufactured with fabric HLU - Lucilla, colour gold.The curtains are prepared in series and operate with some 1K - Kompas rail systems with manual opening. The various Traveller curtains are used during the diversions for changing the stage situation with extreme immediateness.
A second small Traveller curtain, realized with another 1K - Kompas rail system with manual movement, was manufactured with white EVT - Light Sceno Poly and it is closed here on the ShowLED Classic backdrop that is visible in transparency.
Round stage for evening diversions installed on a cruising ship.

The center of the installation is the spectacular round Austrian curtain that surrounds the whole stage.

Endowed with a system of motorized opening, the curtain is around 4 m high and has a total development of about 20 m, and was manufactured with the fabric HLU - Lucilla, color 51 gold.

Materials used in this production

1K - Kompas

Track systems

ASC - Sceno

Muslin and canvas

Austrian curtains

Typology of curtain

EVT - Light Sceno Poly

Sheer muslin

HLU - Lucilla

Metallic aspect fabrics