9CT - Dance Floor Cart


9CT - Cart for dance floor Its pyramidal steel structure is extremely robust and guarantees maximum stability and safety during transport.
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The sturdy tubes that support the rolls ...
... are equipped with end discs that hold the rolls securely in place ...
... and protect the user's hands.The handle of the tubes is sized to be gripped firmly and comfortably ...
...with two hands.Placing the tubes in their supports is easy, quick and safe.
The possibility of a firm two-handed grip on the structure also facilitates its handling.When not in use, the vertical sides of the cart ...
...can be folded to minimize bulk, optimizing space in the storage area.For maximum maneuverability, the cart is equipped with four heavy-duty swivel wheels ...
... equipped with front brake. The combination of a large diameter with a premium material cover ensures optimal smoothness and silent handling even when fully loaded.
9CT - Cart for dance floor is the perfect solution for storing and moving dance floor rolls. Designed with care to meet the needs of stage productions and dance schools, this cart is ideal for handling dance floor rolls with a maximum width of 160 cm, wound on cardboard cores.

Its sturdy steel pyramid structure ensures exceptional stability and safety during transport. When not in use, the cart's vertical sides can be folded to minimize storage space, optimizing space efficiency in your storage area.

The sturdy rods that support vinyl rolls come equipped with end discs, not only securely holding the rolls in place but also protecting the user's hands.

For maximum maneuverability, the cart is equipped with four swivel castors suitable for heavy loads, along with a front brake for added safety. The combination of a large diameter and a premium blue covering material ensures optimal smoothness and quiet movement, even when the cart is fully loaded.

With 9CT - Cart for dance floor, you can be confident in a reliable and highly efficient storage and transportation solution for your dance floor rolls.
powder-coated steel frame, black colour
no. 8 powder-coated steel rods, black colour
no. 4 swivel castors with zincplated steel frame, blue covering
roller bearing glide
equipped with front brake
(L x W x H)
230 x 100 x h 115 cm
190 x 100 x h 115 cm - frame only
130 kg
No. 8 rolls
max width 160 cm
max diameter 21 cm
Maximum Load
650 kg uniformly distributed

Colour chart

9CT - Cart for dance floor It can carry up to 8 rolls with a maximum width of 160 cm and a maximum diameter of 21 cm.The maximum distributed capacity of the cart is 650 kg, i.e. more than 80 kg for each tube and is higher ...
... to what is normally needed.For example, a 20 m roll of TSM - Silviagrips floor (1.2 mm thick) with the cardboard winding tube and the steel tube weighs approx. 60 kg and the cart can comfortably carry 8 rolls.Or ...
... again by way of example, the trolley can carry 8 rolls of 14 m of TSI - Silvia 2.0 floor which, having a 2 mm thickness, would have a 65 kg total weight each.The cart structure is 115 cm high, 100 cm wide and 230 cm long with the tubes ...
... and 190 cm without the tubes.The total weight of the empty cart is 130 kg.The structure alone weighs 52 kg, the tubes weigh 6.5 kg each.
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