Suntory Hall, ''Don Giovanni''


The sketch by scenographer Alessandro Camera with the indications for the digital printing and the sewing of the backdrop.
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The backdrop at the end of the sewing. After the assemblage of the digitally printed strips and the realization of the perimetric finishing that are needed for the use on the stage, the backdrop is ready to be shipped to the Suntory Hall of Tokyo.
A scene of the show, the orchestra is set in a central position, while the stage is overhung by a big fabric backdrop 20 m wide and 15 m high made of ASC - Sceno digital printing muslin.The printing reproduces a sumptuous curtain that has a Mitteleuropa style.The backdrop is used like a Rearward lifting curtain.
Playful drama in two acts
First night
Prague, Estates Theatre, 29/10/1787

Alessandro Camera
Stage direction

Suntory Hall of Tokyo

Materials used in this production

ASC - Sceno digital printing

Printing on fabrics

Rearward lifting curtain

Typology of curtain

Information on data processing