Tiziano Ferro, ''Alla mia etÓ''

Tour 2009

The stage is wound by a luminescent Kabuki curtain realized with two frontal parts 8 m high and 13 m wide and two side parts 8 m high and 6 m wide, all of them made of white HSE - Tempesta silk.
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On the curtain of white HSE - Tempesta silk are rear-projected the numbers of the countdown that announces its opening and the beginning of the concert.
The HSE - Tempesta silk is extremely light and sensitive to the light, and these characteristics give to the realizations made with this fabric an unmistakable luminescent mobility.
This picture and that following were shot during the tests of the concert.The two side parts of the Kabuki curtain are unhooked and they fall to the ground while the two frontal parts are instantly withdrawn upward, inside two holes placed above the back of the stage.
The curtain disappears to the sight in around 3 seconds: such brief time to leave the spectator with a feeling that is in an unstable balance among the conviction to have had a hallucination and that to have assisted to something really strange and unexpected.
This is a variation of the Kabuki curtain, normally used for surprising the public, with the speed of the action and the movement of the fall of the curtain.The fall of the traditional kabuki is added to an absolutely unexpected and instant aspiration of the frontal parts of the curtain.
The scenography used three LED screens that detached on the back of the stage and a double turn of galleries with staircases that climb from the floor of the stage on which Tiziano Ferro, the musicians and the ballet dancer walked during the phases of the concert.
The intallation also used a stage masking realized partly with ASC - Sceno muslin, black colour (tops and bands under the stage), and partly with black ASP - Spi fabric, chosen by the production because it is slightly reflecting.Equally a black and shiny material was selected for the coverage of the stage, that is the floor TIL - Iris Lucido .

Agency and
tour production
Trident Management in collaboration with Live Nation
Technical and
executive production
(Giorgio Ioan, Fabio Carmassi)
Light design
Nicola Tallino
Audio and
light installations
Video contributions
Mauro Lovisetto
Displays video
STS Communication
Project and direction

Video & Documentation

Tiziano Ferro, ''AME'': test kabuki curtain made of Tempesta silk

Tiziano Ferro, ''AME'': kabuki curtain made of Tempesta silk

Materials used in this production

ASC - Sceno

Muslin and canvas

ASP - Spi

Muslin and canvas

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

Kabuki curtains

Typology of curtain

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