Tableau vivant

Travelling installation

One of the many situations that hosted the traveling installation: the porticoed courtyard of a historic building.The scene uses a Self supporting fixed pulleys system with a square plan (10 x 10 m) with perimeter bearing beams made of 7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm.A secondary structure ...
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... made of 7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm is inserted into the beams of the perimeter and holds a third structure made of ō 50 mm Tubes for stagecraft.At the corners, we can see the 7QR30L - Towerlift and, below, one of the backdrops made of COS - Oscurante molton of which the Stage masking was composed.A flashback of a few months brings us back ...
... to the test assembly, carried out in a special covered space.The structure of the Self supporting fixed pulleys has already been suspended at the four 7QR30L - Towerlift elevation towers ...
... which allow you to lift a load of 500 kg each to a height of 650 cm.The scenography of the show was constituted by compositions of semitransparent and reflecting materials of various typology that ...
... variedly illuminated and animated electrically thanks to a direction that was syncronized with the music ...
... created the visual effects designed by the scenography and by the direction.350 lights and 100 DC engines moved in every direction ...
... 125 three-dimensional pictorial elements of different shapes and materials, including nylon, carbon fiber, copper, aluminum ...
... and HSE - Tempesta silk, creating a parallel
A traveling show staged with a Self supporting fixed pulleys structure made of Aluminium trusses, Top battens and Manual fly facilities.
It can be used for the suspension of lights and light scenic elements, to be assembled and disassembled quickly in settings that are often not prepared to host theatrical performances.
The use of 4 towers of elevation 7QR30L - Towerlift placed to the angles of the Self supporting fixed pulleys allows to assemble them at and to lift them when the installation is completed, with the consequent saving of time and convenience.
stage direction
Gabriele Amadori (1945 - 2015)

Materials used in this production

3A - Aircraft Cables


3C - Canapa Rope


3E - Poly Rope


7C - Eye couplers aluminium

Accessories for trusses

7FC - Fast connection kits

Accessories for trusses

7FX30 - Flat trusses 29 cm

Aluminium trusses

7QR30L - Towerlift


7QX30 - Square trusses 29 cm

Aluminium trusses

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Fixed pulleys

Rigging systems

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

Manual fly facilities

Rigging systems

Stage maskings

Acoustic curtains


Bars for stagecraft

Information on data processing