Arena, ''Madama Butterfly''


Verona, July 1999.Michele Peroni performs the final inspection to the huge Frontal projection screens made of white PLI - Vista set down on the terraces of the Arena.The screen is going to be used by the scenographer and director Paolo Miccichè for the dimensional projections and moving lights that will compose the scenography of his Madama Butterfly ...
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... which will begin, with the following show in Pretoria, South Africa, a tour that will bring the show all over the world.
Michele Peroni, instead, has few months of life still remaining: he will die in March of 2000 in a road accident.
The mantle of Madam Butterfly, actually a big fabric backdrop with a 20 x 15 m size, was manufactured with HLU - Lucilla gold colour.
Cio-cio-san and Pinkerton on the background of the big mantle realized with HLU - Lucilla, gold colour.
The Frontal projection screen made of PLI - Vista with Welding with superposition, here in an image of the show ...
... had a total surface of 5.823 m².
The screen was made by 37 trapezoidal parts and 7 rectangular parts of PLI - Vista.
Japanese tragedy in three acts
Giacomo Puccini, (1858-1924)
First night
Milan, Teatro alla Scala, 17/2/1904

Antonio Mastromattei
Costume design
Alberto Spiazzi
Lighting design
Ben Miller
Stage and visual direction

Arena of Verona

Materials used in this production

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

PLI - Vista

Frontal projection meshes

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