Teatro de la Maestranza, ''Tannhäuser''


Two large draped backdrops made of HSE - Tempesta silk with vertical fullness ...
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... illuminated and gathered to the sides of the stage, detach on the background of a cyclorama made of black COS - Oscurante molton with flat making.A backdrop made with the same red HSE - Tempesta silk ...
... was placed on the stage floor.At a certain point, with a spectacular coup de theatre, the red silk the lateral draped backdrops will be hit by the action of the wind machines ...

... and will be inflated like sails.«... the filmaker doesn't betray the expectations stamping the show on the impalpable vision of the feelings with beautiful figures, is these curtains, soldiers and same characters of the work, as suspended in the air, everything fluctuating from the beginning at the end of the show, through the use of manifold and hidden fans that furnish a paradisiacal stage effect ...»
Two large draped backdrops made of HSE - Tempesta silk with vertical fullness ...
«... accomplice the cloth of the costumes signed by Franz Blumbauer: a thin silk used for the parachutes; the same cloth used for the enormous curtain that cover the whole scene and the floor for the first act (of a sensual red flame colour) and the costumes of the characters of a pure and virginal white.»From L'Opera, No. 114.In the photo, the costumes made of white HSE - Tempesta silk, symbol of purity.
Great romantic opera in three acts
Richard Wagner (1813-1883)
Richard Wagner
First night
Dresden, Königliches Hoftheater, 19/10/1845

Werner Herzog
Maurizio Balò
Costume design
Technical direction
Antonio Moreno
Stage direction

1997 / 1998

Materials used in this production

COS - Oscurante

Duvetyne and blackout fabrics

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

HSE - Tempesta

Silks and satins

Vertical fullness

Fabric: tailoring types

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