ZSK - Ultralight Mirror


A small ZSK - Ultralight Mirror stretched on a square frame with a side of 130 cm and a total weight of around 1,8 kg.
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A bigger ZSK - Ultralight Mirror panel ...
... during its manufacturing.
Teatro dell'Opera of Rome, ''Falstaff'' Closed set scene realized, on the sides, with ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors.The background is delimited by a backdrop with flat making made of painted ASC - Sceno muslin.
Opéra Comédie, ''Orfeo ed Euridice'' Two large glass walls have been set to form a 90° angle.The walls, 11 x h 8 m the one on the left and 9 x h 8 m the one on the right ...
... have an iron made supporting structure while the glasses were fixed behind it and were made up with 40 mirror ZSK - Ultralight Mirror panels.Contrarily to the norm ...
... this scenography used the ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors also in transparency.Their aluminum frames coincided, in fact, with the main elements of the iron structure of the glass walls, from which they were then masked.
Teatro alla Scala, ''Europa riconosciuta'' The back wall is made of ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors mirrored Flats and reflects the dances of the courtiers.In the lowest row of mirrored flats, which are 4 m high, fixed panels alternate with panels hinged horizontally along their upper side, which can thus be lifted backwards ...
Very light, safe and giving a great effect, the ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors are glassless mirrors which use for the reflection of the light a really thin film (QSK - Retrafilm) that is stretched on custom aluminium frames.
On stage, they are usually used placing side by side more panels up to form whole mirroring walls or ceilings.
Those mirroring walls are normally not used for transparency effects because their frames are perfectly visible in transparency.
For transparency effects with big surfaces the backdrops ZSM - Magic Mirror are more frequently used.
aluminium made, custom realization
Maximum width of the frames
230 cm
Maximum length of the frames
virtually unlimited (but transport problems advise not to go beyond 600 cm)
depending on the size, normally it's 1,5 kg / m² ±
protective panel on the back (total weight 2 kg / m² ±)

This material was used for...

Opéra Comédie, ''Orfeo ed Euridice''

Lyric opera

SIB 2006, ''Scenographical exhibition''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Teatro alla Scala, ''A Homage to Picasso''


Teatro alla Scala, ''Europa riconosciuta''

Lyric opera

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, ''Falstaff''

Lyric opera

Teatro Donizetti, ''Adelia''

Lyric opera

Teatro Filarmonico, ''The Magic Flute''

Lyric opera

Teatro Lirico, ''Die Feen''

Lyric opera

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