Suzanne Vega and Alice at the Duomo

Milanís Cathedral

The pictures have been taken during the rehearsal of the concert.The size of the screen, a backdrop manufactured with white ASL1000S - Light Sceno 1.000 cm sheer muslin, was 10 x h 25 m.
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The backdrop was suspended in front of the entry of the central aisle.
The projections, that were also extended on the gothic colonnade of the aisle, were effected with powerful projectors set in proximity of the altar of the Cathedral at an almost 100 m distance.

The ASL - Light Sceno sheer muslin is endowed with a characteristic transparency thanks to which are gotten, in frontal projection, some results that are similar to those of the tulle.
With projectors endowed with enough power the results in frontal projection are satisfactory, as it's shown by this image taken during the rehearsal in conditions of obscuring not optimal at all.
The big backdrop made of ASL1000S - Light Sceno 1.000 cm sheer muslin was used during the show both for projections of phantasmagorical light games as well as for projections of video in a window in the middle of the backdrop.
The concerts by Suzanne Vega and Alice inside the Milan Cathedral were accompanied by extraordinary videoprojections on a 25 m high screen made of ASL1000S - Light Sceno 1.000 cm sheer muslin and set at the end of the central aisle.
Video contributions
Le Grandi Immagini
11 March / 1 April 2004

Materials used in this production

ASL - Light Sceno

Sheer muslin

Flat making

Fabric: tailoring types

Frontal projection screens

Frontal projection screens

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