Teatrino Gir˛, ''El retablo de maese Pedro''


Don Quixote in the Retablo's inn in Aragon, here in the installation of the students of the Brera Academy of Milan.The backdrop is made of red DPI - Piermarini damask fabric.
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Real actors replace the traditional marionettes, while the representation of chivalrous character which Don Quixote assists has been realized with a 'theater of the shades' projected on a backdrop made of APO - Pelle Ovo.
The border of the theater in the theater, between inn and representation of the shades, has just been destroyed by Don Quixote's sword.Dulcinea is the only marionette in the scene, to underline her ideal superiority to the eyes of the knight.
De Falla's opera was represented the first time in 1923 in the Parisian house of the princess of Polignac.The public was exceptional: they were present, in fact, Pablo Picasso and Igor Stravinsky.
Opera in one act
Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
Manuel de Falla
da Miguel de Cervantes
First night
Paris, Palais Polignac, 25/6/1923

stage direction
Gabriele Giromella
Costume design
Mara Bertolini

Materials used in this production

APO - Pelle Ovo

Muslin and canvas

DPI - Piermarini


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