MAXXI, ''Giancarlo De Carlo''


The sketch in which the planners have reassumed their concept. «The installation proposes the spatial metaphor of a wood in which to penetrate, following paths and layouts that run after and that weave among them telling the appointment and the cultural profile of De Carlo.»
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The preparation of the multimedial run, a wood crossed by a path with manifold ramifications. The silvery and black trees realized with the films for rear-projections RNB - Nebbia and RNO - Notturno are stretched in the positions foreseen by the project.
The first illumination and projection tests during the preparation, that used more than one hundred screens made of RNB - Nebbia, further to some made of RNO - Notturno and some small transparent backdrops QGH - Ghiaccio and RNB - Nebbia with Digital printing.
Rear-illuminated in blue, one of the numerous screens made of RNB - Nebbia with Digital printing telling the explanatory indications that accompany the spectators in the multimedial run.
Again some illumination and projection tests on the RNB - Nebbia screens.
To the myriad of screens RNB - Nebbia, the planners of the show devoted to De Carlo alternated some screens RNO - Notturno with which to get the effects of contrast and invisibility to the dark characteristic of this film for rear-projections.
A projection test on a RNO - Notturno screen ...
... during the installation of the exhibition.
The exhibition Giancarlo De Carlo - Le ragioni dell'architettura took place at the MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts from June 1° to September 18 th 2005 and the destiny wanted that it was the last recognition conferred in life to the great architect Giancarlo De Carlo, who died in Milan on June the 4th 2005, few after the inauguration.
technical direction
Enrico Di Munno
Alessandro D'Onofrio
Esther Annunziata
Margherita Guccione

Direction for Architecture and Contemporary Arts, Ministery of cultural goods and activities

Materials used in this production

QGH - Ghiaccio

Decorative films

Rear-projection screens

Rear-projection screens

RNB - Nebbia

Rear-projection films

RNO - Notturno

Rear-projection films

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