NDA - Decorative appliqués for fabrics


Teatro Rossini The valance decorated with NDA - Decorative appliqué and the decorations on the inferior edge of a curtain manufactured with blue FOT - Otello velvet.
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Teatro San Carlo Curtain with especially made NDA - Decorative appliqué during the working ...
... and after installation.The curtain, made of FTA - Tancredi 500, is also decorated with NFR - Fringes and NFI - Tassels.
C.N. de Teatro Clásico, ''Sainetes'' The reproduction of a decoration, faithfully replicated from a design of a Spanish curtain of the Eighteenth Century.It was made up of a silver NCS - Decorative cord applied on FBR - Bruxelles velvet.
Theatre of Eagles An example of NDA - Decorative appliqué of a curtain made of FOT - Otello velvet on purpose performed on a sketch with expressely selected decorative elements.The curtain is also decorated ...
... with NRN - Hand-machine embroideries representing the Tsarist eagle, NFR - Fringes and NFI - Tassels.
Teatro Principal The decoration of a curtain with NDA - Decorative appliqué.
Teatro Gayarre The decoration with a NDA - Decorative appliqué of the valance of a curtain made of red FOT - Otello velvet.
In addition to a wide range of standard elements available in different sizes and colours, Peroni realizes custom embroidery and decorations, machine-made or high quality hand-made.
The executable combinations are endless.
A special care is addressed to the renovation or maintenance of embroidery and decorations of historic curtains.
NRA - Hand embroideries
NRN - Hand-machine embroideries
NRM - Machine embroideries
NFR - Fringes
NAG - Agremani
NFI - Tassels
NCS - Decorative cords
other decorative realizations of every kind on different drawing and measure

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Theatre of Eagles

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C.N. de Teatro Clásico, ''Sainetes''

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